Khaju Project

Our mission

The mission of Khaju Project is to build a bridge between Iran and Belgium and more particularly a bridge between talented Iranian artists and open-minded Belgian citizen looking for new discoveries.

The role of Khaju Project in  building this bridge is double:

Firstly, it is very difficult for Iranian artists to access the European market. Khaju supports them by promoting their work, by giving them more visibility and by helping them though the exportation process to Belgium.

Secondly, it is quite complicated for Europeans to discover an navigate through the abundance of Iranian art without expert guidance and without traveling this beautiful country. We help them therefore by selecting high quality handmade products from talented artists and by giving them insightful and transparent information about the artists and their work.

Our story

Khaju Project is officially born in Tehran during a warm evening of July 2019. It is the result of an improbable friendship grown between 4 persons (3 Iranian and 1 Belgian) who share a common dream: promoting the Iranian culture through art.

After many months of though work and preparation, we were so proud to introduce our selection of handmade products to the Belgian customers through exhibitions during the Christmas 2019 period. The success and the feedbacks from the customers motivated us to go a step further and to launch our online web shop in May 2019

Who are we?

Nicolas is reponsible for the Belgian side of the project. Thanks to his engineering background, he managed to translate the exciting initial vision of Khaju into a practical reality.

On the Iranian side, the project is mainly managed by Pirouz who is an expert in handicraft and who has been working in this field for many years. He is responsible for the selection and for the relations with our artists.

Finally, this project would never have become a reality without the energy, time and support of from our passionate friend Farnoush and from Navid, our amazing graphic designer.

From left to right : Pirouz, Nicolas, Farnoush, Navid.

What does « Khaju » stand for ?

The Khaju bridge is one of the most famous and beautiful bridges of Iran. It is located in the city of Isfahan. A bridge is both esthetical and functional and we agreed to make it the symbol of our project. 

Our values

Khaju is first of all a human adventure in which each contributor (the Khaju team, the Iranian artists and the customers) can bring their own personal stone in the building of the bridge.

It is also about transparency and trust. All the credit for products goes to the artists. At Khaju’s, we only consider ourselves as facilitators and we would like to make our customers entertained, informed and comfortable with their purchase.

Finally, it is about idealism and optimism. No political consideration, no craving for mass profit, no marketing bullshit!  We are for example working with the Belgian company “Shippr for the delivery of our products in Brussels in order to support the development of alternative and ethical business solutions.


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