Discover: Shohreh Haghighi

Mrs. Shohreh Haghighi is located in Karaj, at 50km from Tehran. Her passion for handicraft began when she was a teenager and it became later her main profession after completing a University degree in Arts.

She started working first as an employee in several workshops and decided, after gaining enough experience, to become self-employed and to run her own ceramics design workshop.

She uses the traditional fabrication technics together with modern and colorful designs inspired by nature such as flowers and birds. Each piece is unique and hand-painted.


Mrs. Haghighi’s message to Khaju’s customers:

« I really hope that you will enjoy my products! It is a pleasure for me to be connected to people from different cultures and places through art! »


Picture (from left to right) : Nicolas (Khaju Project), Mrs. Haghighi, Pirouz (Khaju Project).