Discover: Da Hakak

Mrs. Da Hakak is a fashion designer from Tehran. She grew up in an artistic family in which every member had a specific field of interest. Her mother, for example, was a carpet designer and a weaver. She transmitted her passion and expertise to her daughter and Mrs. Hakak decided later to complete a University degree in textile design and printing.

Mrs. Hakak started her career in 2010 and participated in numerous international clothing and textile design fairs since then.

Mrs. Hakak’s motivation at work comes from the process of translating design ideas into finished product by mixing different types of materials. She is also very sensitive to environmental cause and she uses therefore natural and recycled materials to produce her bags.

Her style is influenced by traditional Iranian culture but also very personal. She integrates, in her creations, pieces of textiles from other artisans and combines them into wearable fashion products. To satisfy the evolving tastes of customers, she is constantly looking for new textures and materials to bring into her creations.

Mrs Hakak’s message to Khaju’s customers:

“Through my art, my greatest pride is to promote the work of other artisans from my country. All my products are made of natural materials and dyes. I hope you enjoy!”